The Playce team are a passionate bunch that support each other to get the best outcomes for community and clients. We see no better way than to improve the world in which we live than create spaces that are active, inclusive and fun!

Aaron WallisDirector

Aaron loves working with his team, clients and the community on creating spaces that enable people to have fun together!. A landscape architect, community facilitator and strategic thinker, Aaron is an advocate for people of all ages to be active, play and connect and support each other socially. He uses Playce, his position with the Victorian Design Review Panel, Play Australia, Parks and Leisure Advisory and his most important role being Dad of two young boys to make that happen.

Random fact about me… I love bad dad jokes. My two boys even at a young age are groaning when I tell them….

Darren RoachAssociate

Darren is a senior landscape architect with over 15 year experience in designing and delivering high quality exciting purposeful spaces where boundaries are blurred and potentials explored.

Random fact about me… I used to perform as a clown.

Lejla KebicSenior Landscape Architect

Lejla is a landscape architect and urban designer, she is fascinated by left over spaces between buildings and collision points in intersecting materials. As a designer she aspires to make immersive experiences in public space that allure and excite rather than being a thoroughfare between buildings.

Fun Fact about me… Lejla likes eating stale biscuits and taking photographs of dilapidated buildings.

Holly HeinLandscape Architect

Holly is as Landscape architect and lecturer at RMIT University. Her practice challenges the way youth culture embraces city landscapes and rural communities. Critically, her masters thesis urged practitioners, councils, and industry to engage a feminist approach to space making when designing for women in a rural context. Holly finds great passion through contributing as a practice professional as well as an educator.

Favourite film The Seventh Seal/Long Goodbye/Tampopo/In The Mood For Love

The book that moved me And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos, John Berger

Biggest bugbear Pretention and sneezing in saunas

Favourite quote I don’t care if they want to put up these boring glass boxes, but why do they always deposit that little turd in the plaza when they leave?” James Wines 1969

Josh GroenwaldLandscape Architect

My aim within the discipline of landscape architecture is to contribute to improving public space engagement. Specifically, within youth precinct and active space development, as I see it playing a vital role in shaping our society. Active space becomes an area where different ages and cultures are able to integrate, strengthen and create communities. She holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture & Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpture

Random fact about me… I’m a thrill seeker with an innate enthusiasm for adrenalin.

On the weekend…. I can be found gravitating towards board sports, in particular skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding.

Helen BainbridgePractice Manager

I am a landscape architect who loves seeing a the playce team have fun, whether through design, in the office, testing one of the newly built projects or on their weekends. I like to provide my opinion (whether I’m asked or not) and focus on managing the office, bringing the kids in to terrorise the staff on their days away from school and helping out with reports and projects.

Favourite quote…
“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible”. Audrey Hepburn

Tom SciclunaDraftperson

I’m Tom. I work here.

Pepperoffice dog

Pepper is a regular visitor to the office and generally sleeps a lot when not off having a sniff or bugging staff for a cuddle. She is passionate about bones, food and tummy rubs and scaring delivery people.

Random fact about me… Whilst I am a Bernese Mountain Dog, I don’t particularly like being out in the cold…

Sam McLarenDraftperson / Graphic Designer

Sam is a graphic designer who has turned his skills to drafting. He is honing his skills with documentation of play and is a quiet achiever. We love that.

Random fact about me…He has an impossibly large dog who caused third-degree rope-burn when he was out for a walk.

Tom DebnamSkate Park Designer

Tom has worked in Skatepark Design for over 7 years, and enjoys developing projects from the initial concept stage to documentation and attempting to skate the completed parks. He has working on projects throughout the UK, Norway, Israel and Australia. He loves a bit of 3D Modelling and visualisation work to boot!

What inspired me to do what I do…
Whilst I’m not particularly good at skateboarding, I’ve always enjoyed it and found it a good excuse to travel and explore different places and meet people. Working on spaces for others to experience this is great.

Attempting to skate, snowboard, make illustrations, videos and songs…

Favourite film…
Back to the Future

My Life as a Playlist…
Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph