The Playce team are a passionate bunch that support each other to get the best outcomes for community and clients. We see no better way than to improve the world in which we live than create spaces that are active, inclusive and fun!

Aaron WallisDirector

Aaron loves working with his team, clients and the community on creating spaces that enable people to have fun together!. A landscape architect, community facilitator and strategic thinker, Aaron is an advocate for people of all ages to be active, play and connect and support each other socially. He uses Playce, his position with the Victorian Design Review Panel, Play Australia, Parks and Leisure Advisory and his most important role being Dad of two young boys to make that happen.

Random fact about me…

I love bad dad jokes. My two boys even at a young age are groaning when I tell them….

Darren Roachsenior landscape architect

Darren is a senior landscape architect with over 15 year experience in designing and delivering high quality exciting purposeful spaces where boundaries are blurred and potentials explored.

Random fact about me…

I used to perform as a clown.

Thomas Joneslandscape architect

Tom is a Landscape Architect/Urban Designer currently undertaking his Masters of Architecture.  He is fascinated keen with the Architecture of scales, where each element influences and encourages another, creating and enhancing public spaces for both individual and the community.

At the weekend I love…

Skateboarding, surfing, tinkering

Emma HicksLandscape Architect

Emma is particularly interested in multipurpose flexible public spaces that allow for different ages, communities and uses to be accommodated and encouraged.

What inspired me?
Growing up on a farm the landscape shaped working life and identity. Landscape and people informed each other. When I found out about landscape architecture it seemed to include elements that I had already been thinking about for a long time.

Anna Sonnetlandscape architect

Anna has a dream to create play spaces that allow anyone to feel like a child again. Growing up in a regional town, Anna has always had a strong sense of community. Having teachers for parents, Anna has always had a keen interest in youth inclusiveness and education through design. Camping trips and bushwalks throughout her childhood also fostered a deep connection with and passion for the natural environment.

At the weekend I love…
Going out for breakfast and browsing design and food markets

Helen BainbridgePractice Manager

Helen loves seeing the team work together in creating fun, whether through design, in the office, testing one of the newly built projects or on their weekends. She is trained as a landscape architect and likes to provide her opinion (when asked, and sometimes when not), but is currently focussing on managing the Playce office, bringing the kids in to terrorise the staff on their days away from school and being part/full time a bit of everything. 


sleep, eat, play with my boys without hurting myself…


Robyn Butchersenior landscape architect

Robyn is a Senior Landscape Architect with a sense of whimsy and adventure. Growing up in Queensland with an urge to travel, Robyn has lived (and worked as an LA) in Brisbane, Berlin and Bendigo and has now stopped in Melbourne with the good crew at Playce. She has extensive experience in design, from sketch through to realisation and enjoys workshopping ideas to make the best things come to life.

Random fact about me…

‘lil bit scared of heights (but designing adventurous places… go figure?!)

Pepperoffice dog

Pepper is a regular visitor to the office and generally sleeps a lot when not off having a sniff or bugging staff for a cuddle.

She is passionate about bones, food and tummy rubs and scaring delivery people.

Random fact about me…

Whilst I am a Bernese Mountain Dog, I don’t particularly like being out in the cold…