Working collaboratively with Maroondah City Council, Playce developed a unique all ages play space in this central urban reserve. Connecting to the nearby Y-Space that contains skate & BMX opportunities, this new play area has been created with a central sheltered social viewing area that then transforms into a dynamic sculptural play structure.

A key feature of the space are sculptural parkour timber posts. Uncompromising in its grandeur, the Parkour Space sits comfortable in its park context challenging adults and children of all abilities, gender and background to test themselves, be active and have fun. The space challenges participants to overcome fears, embrace the perceived risk and how to identify ones limits. Importantly it is completely un-prescriptive in nature, forcing the users to test themselves and appropriate the space accordingly, use their imagination and adapt to the components accordingly.


Client: Maroondah City Council

Date: Built 2014

Images: Maroondah City Council, Playce