This very exciting award winning project is all about engaging with the local youth and skate community.  Playce and Council worked closely with a range of young people on designing and sourcing recycled street obstacles for placement in an existing basketball court. Of most interest is the ownership and buy in by these local skate users who were involved in the siting and layout of the park. They saw how much value there was in using recycled and found objects in their park, both from a functional point of view and also to minimise high construction costs. The resultant design is a unique  ‘found object’ street skatepark that is a successful cost effective alternative to more traditional skatepark provision

“an inspiring example of how an engaging consultation process can defy budgetary constraints to transform left-over space into a catalyst for social inclusion…The result is a well-loved urban skate park that provides a place to reach out and support local teenagers.” 2013 Victorian AILA Design Award Citation

Client: Darebin City Council

Date: Built 2013

Images: Duncan Ewington

Award: 2013 Victorian AILA Design Award