The Selandra Rise Town Park was all about really talking and engaging the local teenagers to confirm in detail their needs and requirements for a public space designed to focus on their specific needs. On top of the designed space and fully developed activation plan, we also assisted in facilitating strong relationships with the local schools, council and Stockland to ensure the long term success of the space.

Playce ran a series of workshops that engaged with 20 students from local schools and worked collaboratively on creating an inclusive, exciting and relevant public space for them.

The resultant design is their vision for the site, a socially inclusive, playful whole of community plaza that can accommodate local events including school programs whilst being a great place to muck around on a skateboard, shoot some netball or listen to music or simply just ‘hang out’.

Importantly the space whilst skateable is more of an urban square that the rest of the community can enjoy with BBQs and sheltered seating spaces walking distance to the community hub and town centre.

Client: Stockland

Date: Built 2015

Images: Elsa Campbell, Playce