Playce had a fantastic time working with Council staff and teens and tweens from 13 different townships around the Greater Shepparton area. We joined  local young people on their school buses and at a series of workshops to to get their ideas and feedback on a new strategic plan for implementing  new recreation and social opportunities that focused on their specific needs . The resultant plan was creating new Bus SPOTs. Essentially we looked redeveloping existing school bus stops where kids were already gathering both before and after school and transformed them into  SPOTs which are;

Social (areas to hang out, sheltered, safe),
Playful (opportunity to play/participate in recreation, art, music etc)
Open (visible, safe and accessible)
Township (central, close to shops, relevant)

The strategy was adopted by Council early in 2016 and we are currently now developing more detailed designs for a range of these SPOTs across the municipality.They will contain a range of traditional recreation opportunities (skate, play, ball sports) as well as sheltered seating areas and opportunities for art and events.

Client: City of Greater Shepparton

Date: 2015-16

Images: Playce